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Soap or Desinfection Dispenser Clinic – Short Lever

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The elbow dispenser is used for non-contact administration
 of sanitary fluid or soap and is especially useful in doctor's offices, 
hospital wards, and pre-surgery rooms. 
Dosing of liquids is done by pressing your elbow on an ergonomically shaped 
lever made of stainless steel.

The large capacity of the tank with relatively small dimensions
will find its application wherever a high level of hygiene is important.

A special feature of the dispenser is the possibility of disassembling 
and cleaning the dispensing part.
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50 - 99 5% 57,40
100 - 199 10% 54,38
200 + 15% 51,36

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Advantages of the dispenser

  • reliable operation (dosing without dripping from the spout),
  • non-contact administration of liquid or soap corrosion resistance,
  • all made of polished stainless steel of higher quality,
  • decent price
  • a window to check the levels of liquids or soap quick
  • replacement or replenishment of liquid or soap
Weight 1,1 kg

Technical Characteristics

  • capacity: 0,5l
  • height: 190 mm – 240 mm with lever
  • width (latitude): 100 mm
  • depth: 80 mm
  • weight : 0,8kg

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