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Towel Paper Dispenser 500

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The PSP 500 towel dispenser is used to conveniently 
pick up individual folded towels without having to touch
the dispenser.
 It is used in treatment rooms, toilets and public places.
 Wherever there was a need to wash your hands.

The large capacity of the feeder allows it to be used 
in frequently visited places.
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Paper towels are still the most used and the most hygienic form of hand drying. According to the latest research, after washing your hands and wiping them with a paper towel, the total number of bacteria on the fingertips decreased by an average of 76%, and on the palm by 77%, when using an electric dryer, the total number of bacteria on the fingertips increased by an average of 194%, and on the inside hand by 254%.

  • eyelet to control the level of towels
  • unique system of collecting single sheets of towels
  • corrosion resistance,
  • all made of polished stainless steel of higher quality,
  • decent price
  • locked with a key
  • quick change or replenishment of towels
  • suitable for standard 23×25 cm ZZ towels
Weight 1,6 kg

Technical Characteristics

  • capacity: 500 pcs
  • height: 260 mm
  • width (latitude): 265 mm
  • depth:120 mm
  • weight : 1,4kg


  • doctors offices
  • treatment rooms
  • operating rooms
  • dental offices
  • hairdressing salons
  • hospitals
  • spa salons
  • clinics veterinary clinics l
  • aboratories
  • car repair
  • shops workplaces